February 28, 2023
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Is there an easy way to modernize legacy payment systems?

If you’re looking to create a truly integrated, convenient, and modern transit system, then your choice of payment system will be pivotal. Automated Fare Collection (AFC) solutions deliver a step-change in operator efficiency and passenger convenience. In Enghouse Transportation Guide, “What to look for in an Automated Fare Collection Solution, we provide a comprehensive overview of the main features you should expect from an AFC and what to look for from a provider. Read more about how we can help you through this journey in our complete short Guide for Agencies.
February 21, 2023
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Making the transition to Automated Fare Collection

In the proprietary, Closed-Loop fare card systems in U.S. transit, passengers face a series of obstacles before they even step aboard the system: They need to understand the agency’s unique payment system and fare rules, purchase the correct card, keep it loaded with funds, and physically carry it with them. There is a better way. To minimize friction and improve the rider experience, cumbersome payment systems must be modernized. Read more about how we can help you through this journey in our complete short Guide for Agencies.
January 10, 2023
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What about the Unbanked? Mind the Open-Loop Gap

One concern regarding Open-Loop Ticketing Systems is the consequences it may have for people who do not use traditional banking services or who don’t have access to smartphones. Also, the emergence and growing adoption of secure and efficient payment technology offer transit agencies an unprecedented opportunity to phase out inefficient legacy systems and allow customers to pay for transit the same way they pay for most other goods and services. A few resources are available to agencies considering modernizing their payment systems.
January 3, 2023
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7 Reasons to Embrace Open-Loop Ticketing Now

Open-Loop Payment Systems allow transit agencies to get out of the business of issuing fare media and maintaining the card sales infrastructure. This significantly lowers operational costs for the transit agency. This is one of the 7 reasons we outlined for you in this article.