March 16, 2023
Transportation IVR CrewLine Product Brochure

CrewLine – Operator Schedule Information – Product Brochure

CrewLine reduces dispatch telephone traffic, streamlines manual processes, and improves operational efficiency while keeping employees informed of their work assignments and other relevant information. The system can easily integrates with most driver and operations management solutions, making it an easy-to-use tool for transit agencies.
March 16, 2023
Transportation IVR MessageCenter Product Brochure

MessageCenter – Traveler Information Notification – Product Brochure

MessageCenter is a centralized management tool for transit notifications. By downloading this product overview, you'll learn how MessageCenter can benefit your transit operation by providing proactive notifications to your riders, reducing the need for contact center calls, and increasing operational efficiency. Download the overview now to learn more about the benefits of MessageCenter and how it can help improve your transit operation.