Log:Nett EDI

EDI tracking apps for your shipments

Easily connect to carriers using EDI

This is a module-based Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solution structured according to your needs and wishes. We have more than 400 carriers in our network. You can easily connect to these carriers using EDI. Our product is supplied as a software-as-a-service solution. You have access to the system 24/7, 365 days a year.

See all tracking information in the order basket in real time and get complete statistics on delivery quality at both the parcel and shipping levels.

As a transport buyer, you benefit from the simple organisation of your shipments, better control of your transport costs, and an experienced supplier in the value chain. As a transporter, we’ll help you on your journey towards a paperless and electronic future. You get control of all your shipments and parcels, from the sender to the recipient.

EDI shipments to and from carriers

Log:Nett has shipment baskets with a helpful overview of all your orders. Here, you can also record orders manually or have them imported from other systems. Log:Nett sends orders to the carriers and measures how well they are executed. You get delivery statistics online and in Excel, integrations with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), and the printing of labels and consignment notes.

We set up integration with the requisite carriers.

Apps in Log:Nett

With the apps, you can send orders straight to drivers, have control right down to package level, report GPS locations and errors/deviations, scan all kinds of barcodes, set delivery statuses for you and your customers, and maintain a complete overview in a tracking portal. The apps replace the traditional waybill and consignment note and reduce post-registration.

Transport pricing and invoice control

In this module, you can enter your transport agreements and any supplements. Based on the carrier, origin and delivery postcodes, and package weight, all your tasks will be priced automatically. The price can be fed back to your  order system and the assignment sent to your carrier via EDI. The solution also processes incoming invoice information from your grouploader and compares this with the prices in your transport agreement. All this takes place automatically, enabling you to focus on any discrepancies in the Supply Chain.

Additional Features


This enables you to combine a number of shipments to the same customer. This can be done manually or automatically. You will be able to track the shipments throughout the chain at package level right through to delivery to the customer.


Transport buyers can create return orders for their customers. Use our templates to make things easier and ensure you use the correct information.


SMS/e-mail notification of incidents during the transport of the goods, in addition to any other incidents. Tracking gives you the overview you need as a customer and as a carrier. Advance notification is also part of this notification service.


You can print as many labels, goods lists, and consignment notes as you wish. Label printers can be purchased directly from Locus.

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