Temperature Monitoring

Link temperature data with route planning

Temperature data linked to routes and orders for quality control

Our solution provides multiple data points, including temperature data, vehicle positions and times, routes driven, the set-point set by the driver, and the length of time that the doors have been open. Link data from the refrigeration unit to the orders that have been shipped to ensure the quality monitoring of refrigerated and frozen shipments. The system is web-based and also provides information about the operation of the refrigeration system and where there is a workshop that can provide assistance. There are also alarms for temperature deviations and system downtime.

Safety and documentation

The system helps you to ensure the correct temperature and provides temperature data for the entire transport journey.

The requirements for correct temperatures are becoming increasingly stringent, as are the requirements to document the temperature for the entire journey.

Monitoring of refrigerated shipments

The temperature data is read directly from the refrigeration unit and consistent data is provided from refrigeration units, data logs, and the actual temperature.

Temperature data is transmitted on an ongoing basis via the mobile network to the server. Driver managers can monitor current temperatures on an ongoing basis, see which set-point has been set, and see the vehicles’ positions on the map. Drivers have their own app which displays the temperature and where they can set the set-point.

If there is a deviation and the temperature falls outside the desired range (set-point and threshold), an alarm will be triggered. This alarm can be sent to the relevant recipient by SMS and/or e-mail.

Status data that can provided:

  • Vehicle and trailer numbers
  • Refrigeration unit number
  • Refrigeration unit model
  • Date and time
  • GPS location
  • Speed and direction
  • Current temperature
  • Whether the refrigeration unit is on or not
  • Any set-point and threshold
  • Labelling for electric or diesel operation
  • Status (start/stop, continuous operation)
  • Defrost

  • Battery voltage

  • Total number of hours in operation

  • Total number of hours on standby

  • Total number of hours

    … and lots more

We can monitor more than just refrigerated shipments. Using GPS positioning, the system can be used for fleet management to ensure the optimal utilisation of your vehicles. There are several optionl, depending on your choice of equipment and accessories:

  • GPS positioning
  • Monitoring of door contacts
  • Geofencing
  • Theft protection
  • Fuel consumption monitoring

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