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Capturing the power of digital technologies to boost production and efficiency, while driving engagement and successful interactions throughout transit journey.

Public Transit Driver

A streamlined approach across all stages of transit operations management

Your passengers are counting on you to provide safe and reliable transportation services, and are increasingly expecting improvements to service quality. Transit agencies are turning to technology to accomplish their Enghouse Transportation’s solutions offers a tailored portfolio to help transit agencies become more agile and propel themselves towards operational excellence and accessibility compliance.

Solutions For Public Transportation


Fixed Route scheduling, rostering and runcutting.


Demand Response scheduling and dispatching.


Driver management and timekeeping.

BusLine - Fixed Route IVR

Fixed route Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with optional email/SMS/Self Service Portal.

TripLine - Demand Response IVR

Demand Response Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

MessageCenter - Outbound Messaging

Centralized management tool that delivers information to your customers.

HeartBeat360 - Remote Equipment Monitoring

Real-time remote equipment monitoring to view machine status, performance, and issues from a distance.

Eptica - Intelligent Knowledge Base

Successfully deliver agile knowledge with up-to-date answers to customer questions.

CrewLine - Operator Communications

Secure operations calling with CrewLine

Case Study

Balancing Fiscal Responsibility and Safety with Enghouse Transportation

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Balancing Fiscal Responsibility and Safety with Enghouse Transportation

Running a public transit system is a balancing act. It takes skill and planning to respect government mandates, wisely spend taxpayers’ money, and ensure rider and driver satisfaction. Finding efficiencies, staying on budget, and making sure buses run on time shouldn’t come at the expense of service levels. That’s why you have to put the right people on the job and give them the tools to do it.

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