Demand Response scheduling and dispatching

TransView offers the power of accurate scheduling, coupled with real-time reservations and dispatching. It meets the critical requirements of demand response and paratransit operations for efficient scheduling of trips and the ability to respond on the fly when ride requests change. Enghouse’s TransView also addresses common challenges operators face by providing efficient tools for reporting, billing and fare calculation.


Real-time Booking

Agents are able to complete a reservation in less than one minute.

Shorter wait times for customers on hold and more trips booked per hour.

Reduced Cost per Trip

Sophisticated batch and insertion scheduling.

Efficient “drivable” schedules based on operational policies, business rules, geographic characteristics, fleet capabilities, and driver qualifications.

Accurate and Streamlined Billing

Saves time by accurately generating billing codes, calculating billing amounts and creating invoices for funding agencies and statements for service providers.

More Efficient Use of Staff and Time

Automated booking and dispatch result in fewer errors and reduced staff time.

Gain more time for supervision and planning.

Enhanced Planning Information

Access extensive details on passengers, trips, vehicles and drivers.

Retrieve critical information for evaluating your market, service level and staff.

Standard Features

Passenger Registration

  • Centralized client database stores comprehensive registration records on each passenger.
  • Maintain pertinent information such as addresses, phone numbers, mobility aids, eligibility, and application history.


  • Flexibility of three types of scheduling functions: trip insertion, batch scheduling, and manual assignments.

GIS Mapping

  • Industry standard ESRI or Google mapping engines.
  • Provides for street-routing information, used in distance calculations, along with visual displays of locations and real-time vehicle locations.


  • Optimize the day’s work on the fly and manage vehicle and driver operations.
  • Handle break assignments, trip reconcil­iations, and real-time schedule changes and optimizations.

Comprehensive Reporting 

  • Enhanced decision making with detailed metrics on passenger data and operations.
  • Non-proprietary database makes key indicators readily available at your fingertips.

Optional Features

Mobile Supervisor 

  • Designed for “on-the-road” paratransit supervisors to access real-time operational information on smart phones.

Customer Feedback Module

  • Track customer comments, complaints and commendations about service levels, drivers and vehicles.

Communications Module

  • Interfaces with 3rd party MDT/AVL systems for real-time vehicle location and manifests.

Media Options

Demand Response Communications

  • Integrates with TripLine to allow passengers to book, confirm, or cancel their trips at their convenience, 24/7.

Outbound Messaging

  • Outbound Messaging allows you to deliver information to your customers through multiple media channels.
  • Messages can provide proactive notification of upcoming rides, real-time status of pick-ups, and emergency information