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TripFinder - web based TRIP PLANNER

TripFinder, our web based Trip Planner, lets riders and your call center agents actively plan transit journeys without the need to search through pages of printed schedules and route maps. TripFinder combines a state-of-the-art routing algorithm with dynamic mapping to provide full address-to-address, multi-modal trip planning. It facilitates a worry-free transit experience, while simultaneously reducing the demand on your call center.

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Cost Savings

  • Automates responses to trip planning requests from the public.
  • Call center capacity is increased without adding staff and the overall cost per call is reduced. 

Enhanced Customer Service 

  • Riders have 24/7 access to trip plans and schedules via phone or web.  
  • Call center busy signals and hold times are reduced or eliminated.  
  • Customer service agents can provide personalized service to callers with more complex inquiries. 

Efficient Customer Service

  • Agents can plan trips for riders who call in for assistance. 
  • Trip itineraries can be mailed, faxed, or emailed to the customer.

Multi-Modal Regional Trip Plans 

  • Trip planning can include multiple transit agencies and transport modes.

Easy To Use 

  • Utilize maps, addresses, intersections, or landmarks to specify origins and destinations. 
  • Open Architecture Integrates with all scheduling and geographic data sources.

Fast and Reliable 

  • Itineraries are generated in 0.4 seconds on average.
  • System can be configured to achieve availability in excess of 99.7%.


  • TripFinder can be scaled to meet trip planning needs for small to large agencies.

Demand Response Integration 

  • Integration with TransView optimizes paratransit trips with fixed route services where possible.

Standard Features

Dynamic Mapping 

  • Select origin and destinations from an interactive map. 
  • Full itineraries are displayed, including transfers and walking directions.  

Flexible Optimization Criteria 

  • Minimize trip time, number of transfers, or walking distance.  Include or exclude certain routes and/or modes of transportation. 

Full Address-To-Address Trip Planning 

  • Optimization for the entire trip based on both the street and transit networks. 

Detailed Itinerary Display 

  • Itineraries include full walking and transit directions, total trip time, and fares.
  • Alternate and return itineraries available.

User Personalization 

  • User preferences can be saved, including frequently used routes and addresses.

Data Loading 

  • Includes customizable data loading tools that simplify the updates of geographical and transit data.


  • Website can be localized quickly in multiple languages.

Optional Features

Call Center Module

  • Designed for call center agents, enhanced functionality increases efficiency and improves management reporting capability. 

Route Search 

  • Display specified routes or stops on a map and obtain timetables for the routes.


  • Provides users with online access to transit schedules.

Media Options

Trip Planner Media Types

TripFinder can be delivered in two ways: 

  • Online via Internet browsers and operating systems on Web-enabled applications.
  • Telephone via Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with Automated Speech Recognition (ASR). 

Media Channels

Outbound Messaging

  • Outbound Messaging allows customers or call center agents to deliver trip planning information through multiple media channels. 

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