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sched21 - Fixed Route scheduling, rostering & runcutting

Fixed route schedule data is the foundation of any transit service. With this in mind, Enghouse designed Sched21 to accurately and efficiently perform all scheduling tasks in one application. Sched21 provides the tools for building transit trip data, vehicle blocking, optimized runcutting and rostering. Sched21 is built on open web-based architecture and features a non-proprietary database with mapping tools to support interaction with transit tools for managing human resources, fleets, dispatching and more.

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Increased Efficiencies

  • Quick and effective generation of transit schedules and “what if” scenarios.
  • Generated information is accurate and concrete, thus simplifying your decision making process.

Data Integrity

  • Developed for use with industry standard database management systems.
  • Non-proprietary relational database design for improved data integrity, security and system performance. 
  • Easy to support, with reduced lifetime cost of ownership.
  • Non-proprietary GIS tools for easy interactivity with your existing geographic data.
Seamless Integration

  • Compatible with solutions from various third party vendors. 
  • Standard data exports and reports that are simple to use and build upon. 
Modular Design
  • System can be upgraded according to your budget and requirements.
  • Each component can be added or removed based on operational needs and business practices.

Standard Features

Sched21 automates many of the manual processes associated with creating a fixed route schedule: Trip Data Building, Blocking, Runcutting, and Rostering. 

Sched21 includes a full complement of other standard features: 

GIS Mapping

  • Component for plotting routes, time points and stops on the map and for directly extracting distances from GIS city data.
  • Mapping tools are non-proprietary and include the full range of ESRI products for easy management of geographic data and interchange with your existing GIS resources.

Industry Standard Database 

  • Non-proprietary database greatly reduces the overall cost of ownership and makes expansion and support more affordable.
  • Available for both Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle database management systems. 

Comprehensive Reporting 

  • Complete reporting package that reflects the information decision makers need most, based on their Key Performance Indicators. 
  • Supports the use of Crystal Reports to generate reports that are specific to your needs.

Configuration Management 

  • Extensive range of user-definable parameters allows configuration to meet unique union rules and work practices. 

Optional Features

OptiMiser™ Runcutter

  • Powerful optimizing techniques to produce faster runcuts and generate substantial cost savings.
  • Ideal for larger transit properties. 

Train & Crew Blocking 

  • Define and implement special blocking parameters for rail operations. 
  • Manage work itineraries for crews of train operators.

Media Options

BusLine Fixed Route IVR

  • Integrates with BusLine to deliver automated traveler information to public transit users. 
  • Routine inquiries are automated, thus reducing wait times and allowing agents to provide assistance to those who require more personal attention.

Outbound Messaging

  • Outbound Messaging allows you to deliver information to your customers through multiple media channels. 
  • Messages can provide proactive notification of next bus arrival/departure times, and emergency information.

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