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Teledriver - Driver management & timekeeping

TeleDriver is a tool designed for precise timekeeping and management of operator work assignments in a transit environment. TeleDriver provides a spectrum of tools for managing your workforce, with modules for Driver Management, Work Picking, Daily Dispatch, Timekeeping, and Performance Management.

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Reduced Payroll Costs & Errors

  • Reduces payroll costs by minimizing human error and by automating timekeeping and data entry.
  • Business rules and union policies are incorporated into the software’s robust parameters.

Enhanced Flexibility

  • Simplifies the management of day-to-day changes. 
  • Allows quick revisions to service, schedule, and daily driver assignments.

Streamlined Work & Vacation Picking

  • Work and vacation picks are entered and validated directly into the system, based on your actual fixed route schedule data and bidding process.

Modular Design

  • System can be upgraded according to your budget and requirements.
  • Each component can be added or removed based on operational needs and business practices.

Standard Features

Daily Dispatch

  • Supervisors can easily perform daily operational tasks.
  • Allows for assigning employees and vehicles to work, and managing absences, holddowns, and roster exceptions and assignments.

Timekeeping Module

  • Processes timekeeping totals using all employee, work, vacation, absence, and pay rule information. 
  • Interfaces with payroll application for seamless transition of data.

Employee Module

  • Obtains employee data through standard interfaces to human resource systems.
  • Authorized personnel can add employees and maintain extensive personal and employment information.

Scheduling Module

  • Compatible with any vehicle scheduling system. 
  • Changes can be easily moved into TeleDriver as day-to-day service or schedule changes occur.

Optional Features

Issue Management

  • Enhance your customer service with optional modules for customer comments, incident tracking, and discipline. 

Performance Monitoring

  • Monitor employee performance matters, such as safety, attendance, and complaints.

Media Options

Automated Communications

  • CrewLine enables drivers to actively access their profiles and work assignments 24/7.
  • Advanced communication is available to automate your bidding process, spareboard management, vacation and sick leave notification and other human resource management.

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