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Tour Manager (TM)

Tour Manager (TM) is an enterprise solution that manages:

  • Retail tours and scheduled departures,
  • Pre-formed groups,
  • FIT, and
  • Fly-drives and cruises.

TM helps you perform all your tour management tasks, while tracking data pertaining to vendors, customers, reservations, to-do lists, contracts and tour marketing information.

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Increased Departmental Efficiency

  • Enables client and master file database management, tour planning, pricing, booking, and scheduling.
  • Functions as a workflow application to generate and distribute client itineraries, schedules, vendor purchase orders, and invoices.
  • Reduces response time to client requests.

Affordable Marketing Integration

  • Generates personalized or mass mailings, such as newsletters and e-mails regarding current or future promotions.
  • Tracks effectiveness of marketing programs, thus enabling better management decisions for future marketing initiatives.

Profit Monitoring

  • Complete break-even analysis tool set monitors all packages and components.
  • Ensure highest levels of profits in real-time, down to the individual reservation level.

Flexible Architecture

  • Integrates with any third party-compatible financial software applications and populates general ledger entries of all transactions with one click.
  • Operates as an e-commerce module, which provides 24/7 access for customers to purchase your products from anywhere in the world.

Database Accuracy & Organization

  • Open database design provides an accurate data backbone, complete data tracking and industry-specific reporting capabilities.
  • Monitors current and future inventory levels and minimizes over and under-booking.

Detailed Audit Logs

  • Stamps all database entries with time, date and user information to provide a complete audit trail of transactions.
  • Safeguards your business from user error and ensures that financials are protected to the highest level.

Standard Features

  • Group Management
  • Trip Planning, Scheduling & Itinerary Development
    • Tour templating & tour series management
    • FIT/Fly-Drive Bookings
  • Full Master File Management, Customer, Vendor, Products
    • Full customer history
    • Integrated customer mailing lists
  • Complete Quoting & Contract Generation
    • Pricing Module – “What If” sell price development
    • Simple customer receipt and vendor payment
  • Dynamic Table & Inventory Management
  • Operator Task Lists
  • Complete System Administrator and User Rights Security
  • Automated Credit Card Authorization and Billing

Optional Features

  • Online Sales Tools
  • Integrated Call Center Applications
  • Integrated Credit Card Authorization

Media Options

Automated Communications

  • Enables online tour bookings and credit card authorization via TM Online interface

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