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Busline - Fixed Route IVR

BusLine helps automate your call center by providing transit riders with next bus times, bus schedule information, bulletins, as well as other routine transit information. BusLine is self-service, meaning riders can access scheduling information 24/7, without a corresponding increase in call center staffing costs. BusLine addresses the public’s growing need for fast, reliable information, with accessible schedules right at their fingertips. 

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Cost Savings 

  • Automates up to 90% of all call traffic. 
  • Call center capacity increases without adding staff. 
  • Overall cost per call is reduced. 

Enhanced Customer Service 

  • Riders have convenient 24/7 access to transit information. 
  • Busy signals and hold times are reduced or eliminated. 
  • Customer service agents able to provide personalized service to callers who have more complex inquiries.

Easy to Install and Maintain 

  • Integrates seamlessly with all major scheduling and operating environments. 
  • Compatible with TripLine.

Scalable & Expandable

  • Can be scaled to handle any call volume. 
  • Handles multi-modal operational environments: bus, rail, ferry, or any other mode of transport.

Standard Features

Schedule Lookup

  • Riders select their route, time, and location. BusLine provides the corresponding bus schedule. 


  • Announce special events, emergency information, delays, or detours to riders. 
  • Bulletins can be generic or specific to a route, date, or time. 


  • Poll riders on a variety of subjects and receive detailed feedback on the results. 
  • Questions can be given in assorted formats, such as multiple choice, yes/no, or open-ended with a prompt for recording. 

System Reports

  • Managers can view and print detailed BusLine usage statistics. 

Control Center

  • Enables administrative configurations without the need for system downtime. 

Optional Features

Stop Level Information

  • Provides schedules and next bus times for each individual stop. 

Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) Integration

  • Enables riders to receive real-time schedule and next bus times that are also adjusted for delays. 

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

  • Provides call center agents with customer information already collected by the IVR system. 
  • Allows the inquiry to be handled more efficiently without the need for a caller to repeat information they have already entered into the system. 

Pass and Ticket Sales

  • Riders can place orders for tickets without speaking to an agent.

Media Options

Fixed Route Communications

Available through a variety of media channels:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR), with Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) and patented touch-tone (DTFM)
  • Web
  • Telephone Device for the Deaf (TDD) 

Outbound Messaging

  • Outbound Messaging allows you to deliver information to your customers through multiple media channels. 
  • Messages can provide proactive notification of next bus arrival/departure times, and emergency information. 

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