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TRIPLINE - Demand Response/PARATRANSIT ivr

With TripLine, your customers can manage their own demand response trips without speaking to a customer service agent. Through TripLine’s self-service channels, riders can confirm and cancel their existing trips, book new trips, and access service information. The end result for transit providers is more well-informed riders, increased call center capacity, and improved customer service.

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Cost Savings

  • Call center capacity increases without adding staff.
  • Automated trip reminders reduce the number of no-shows and late pick-ups.

Enhanced Customer Service

  • Riders have convenient 24/7 access to transit information.
  • Busy signals and hold times are reduced or eliminated.
  • Customer service agents are able to provide personalized service to callers who have more complex inquiries.

Easy to Install and Maintain

  • Integrates seamlessly with all major scheduling and operating environments.

Scalable & Configurable

  • Can be scaled to handle any call volume. 
  • Bulletins, surveys, or agent settings can be configured at any time.

Standard Features

Confirm / Cancel

  • Riders can confirm the time, date, origin, and destination of previously scheduled trips without speaking to an agent.
  • Riders can cancel trips according to your policies.


  • Announce special events, emergency information, delays, and detours to riders.
  • Bulletins can be generic or specific to the client, trip, or time.


  • Poll riders on a variety of subjects and receive detailed feedback on the results.
  • Questions can be given in assorted formats, such as multiple choice, yes/no, or open-ended with a prompt for recording.

System Reports

  • Managers can view and print detailed TripLine usage statistics.

Control Center

  • Enables administrative configurations without the need for system downtime.

Optional Features


  • Riders can book trips without speaking with an agent. Bookings will appear automatically within your scheduling product.
  • Riders can select trip locations from previous trips, pre-registered locations, landmarks, maps, or addresses.

Proactive Notifications

  • Outbound Messaging provides automated trip reminders, renewal notices, and other messages to riders.

Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) & Tablet Integration

  • Enables riders to receive real-time arrival notifications that their vehicle will be shortly arriving, and notification of changes to their pickup window.

Mobile Supervisory Tool

  • Provides supervisors with real-time access to vehicle location, vehicle manifests, and client information.
  • Delivered via smart phone or tablet.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

  • Provides call center agents with customer information already collected by the IVR system.
  • Allows the inquiry to be handled more efficiently without the need for a caller to repeat information they have already entered into the system.

Media Options

Demand Response Communications

Available through a variety of media channels:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR), with Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) and patented touch-tone (DTFM)
  • Web – Secure with the ability to book, confirm and cancel trips.
  • Telephone Device for the Deaf (TDD)

Outbound Messaging

  • Outbound Messaging allows you to deliver information to your customers through multiple media channels.
  • Messages can provide proactive notification of upcoming rides, real-time status of pick-ups, and emergency information.

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