June 21, 2021

Enghouse believes it could help upgrade Canada's 911 services

Enghouse has signed a contract last week to provide state-of-the-art technology solutions for Norway’s regional emergency fire control rooms. In October 2020, the company signed a 12-year contract to provide technology to Norway’s emergency medical communications centers. Joe Mallozzi, global managing director & general manager for the Enghouse Transportation and Public Safety Division based in Ontario, says he believes the company could use that expertise to upgrade Canada’s 911 system.

“There are lessons learned and applications we are using in Norway that would benefit the Canadian market,” he said.

Mallozzi said Canada’s 911 systems would benefit in the form of shortened response times, enhanced map systems, and critical decision support tools.

“Our system provides a seamless communications platform that makes all necessary data available so agencies can react swiftly in emergency situations.”

Mallozzi said Norway has long been a technology leader. Last year, Global Finance magazine ranked Norway as the world leader in national technology strength. The rankings were based on four integrated metrics:

  • Internet users as a proportion of the population.
  • Smartphone users as a percentage of the population.
  • LTE users as a percentage of the population.
  • Digital Competitiveness score developed by the IMD World Competitiveness Center.

“Norway has been a technology leader in many areas and public safety communications is no different,” said Mallozzi.

Enghouse’s software solution enables fire control and emergency medical communication centers to rapidly respond to fire and medical emergencies. The solution provides emergency call handling, coordination with ambulance and fire vehicles, and other first-responders, and coordination with hospitals and other emergency services. Mallozzi said another Enghouse subsidiary, Vidyo, developed an ambulatory care solution that will strengthen the telehealth market.

“The pandemic forced the industry to find digital solutions when it was difficult for patients to come to medical facilities. Enghouse puts all the latest virtual technology in the hands of the medical professionals and patients are the beneficiaries,” he said.

“Whether it is a fire emergency or a medical emergency, these systems need to deliver accurate real-time information and the ability to handle calls, dispatch, and coordination of first responder resources when time is of the essence,” said Edvard Heyerdahl, managing director for Enghouse Transportation and Public Safety, Nordic Region.

The Norwegian solutions were developed by Locus, an Enghouse Systems subsidiary, based in Sandefjord, Norway.

“It was important for the Norwegian government to have a software solution provided by a firm that understands the Norwegian public sector landscape and the intricacies of providing software solutions for the emergency services environment,” said Heyerdahl.


About Enghouse

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