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We have versatile and flexible solutions that provides your ticket terminals and service desks with state-of-the art cloud-based technologies.

OV Terminal

We have developed a new generation of cloud based sales and services solutions that offers many advantages over non-cloud based systems. Our cloud based solutions can be set up at relatively low cost, in a short time frame and in a variety of configurations.

The OV Terminal has a low impact on existing sales and services when migrated to a cloud based environment. This is due it’s hardware independence, lightweight format and high degree of central configurability.

Cloud Based

The OV Terminal is cloud-based, which means that sales and service functionality, as well as a substantial part of the security and management, are performed centrally. The OV Terminal is accessible through web services, allowing the decentralized components to be very lightweight (for example, by using a web browser interface). Therefore, the OV Terminal can be used for variety of purposes, such as collecting data, securing data and producing reports. Due to the central function, management costs will be minimised and availability maximised. Implementing changes in the smart card logic – based on System Document Open Architecture (SDOA) – is performed centrally and can be used immediately by all authorised client systems. The use of an Open Architecture contributes to the potential lower costs attainable, and sales & services can be implemented with short timescales, in many different formats (e.g. mobile phones or integrated into a cash register).

Service Offerings

In addition to being used for ticket vending machines and service counters, the OV Terminal can be integrated at other retail outlets relatively easily and with low impact. This could include cash register systems in shops, office systems, public venues, existing ticketing terminals and parking systems. Also, the cloud-based solution can be deployed as self-service applications for customers with a mobile phone. As a result, an operator can benefit substantially from the existing infrastructure of other industries leading to cost advantages, substantial increase in the availability of sales and services, and improvements in customer convenience and satisfaction.

Our technology enables transport operators to improve the travel experience of their passengers. Moreover, when using our technology an increase in turnover and improved services can be achieved at relatively low cost.

Various levels of services are available in our cloud-based solution. These forms comprise: Bronze-Silver-Gold-Diamond-Platinum.

Payment and Travel Options

Enables operators to implement e-ticketing sales and services through TVM point of sales that can be placed at various locations, as well as a plug and play connection to the back end services based in the cloud.

Enables operators to offer customers self-service e-ticketing through their non-NFC mobile at any station or stop which includes a suitable reader.

Enables operators to offer customers e-ticketing self-service using the customer’s own NFC mobile device.

Same as gold service while the NFC handset functions as the e-ticket.

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