Back Office

Ticketing data analysis made easy

Collect, store, and forward data efficiently

Our ticketing back office technology offers a solution for data management that works seamlessly with Front-End hardware from leading operators. This technology makes it possible to collect, store and forward data efficiently. As a result, analysing data is improved and simplified, with the ultimate goal of promoting online ticket sales.

Modular Approach

In contrast to the Monolithic architecture of many traditional ticketing back offices, our back office platform is Modular in structure. In a Monolithic structure, the functions overlap and are dependent on each other, making changes to the system costly. Using our Modular structure, the functions are developed as building blocks and unrelated information (such as journey transaction and user interface data) are separated. In addition, the diverse back office functions are independent in nature. This means we can add new functional building blocks (including those from different suppliers) and reuse or customise existing blocks. This solution offers the ultimate flexibility and scalability for establishing information flow between multiple functions.

Flexible And Scalable

The connection between hardware components and software operates on an independent basis. This means that, to a large extent, improvements of the performance and scalability of the system can be achieved without major changes to the software. This makes the system flexible and future proof and can be implemented in any organisation regardless of its size.

Open Architecture

Our back office solutions offer the following benefits:

  • Multi-scheme: able to support existing and new schemes. This allows us to fully exploit the potential of the current chip card synergy in the Netherlands and the introduction of contactless payment transactions with bankcard. Our platform also offers the capability of deploying new functionality in different schemes in the future.
  • Multi-vendor: able to support diverse Front-End hardware from different suppliers by developing new module or integrating existing modules to work together with ticketing back office systems. This gives our clients a wider choice of suppliers for front end hardware.
  • Multi-functional: able to offer the possibility to connect other services (for example discounts at parking vendors or loyalty services) to the ticketing back office system therefore creating a cost effective solution. Also with the help of our ticketing back office systems new functionality can be introduced (central tariffing for example).
  • Scalable: able to offer the possibility without major software changes to add components to increase system performance as a result of an increase in demand for performance and/or capacity.

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